Hello Internet, my name is Rick Wiley.

I have been a Web Developer since 1996, which was about the time the internet was just beginning to reach our homes. AOL and CompuServe were the media giants of the day, and Google was just a listing of web pages. The internet promised self publishing, social interaction, shopping and up-to-the-second news… and lots of cats. Boy, did it deliver.

Google circa 1998

Since then I’ve experienced the evolution of the internet first-hand. I know it’s capabilities… and it’s risks. For all the great things the internet has brought us, there is an immense social responsibility that comes with it. The nature of the internet is freedom. There is no inherent censorship. No filters on what we can or can’t see or hear or read. This is as it should be.

With this ‘absolute freedom’, bad things can happen.  The internet also enables criminal behavior. Stalkers can find out where you live. Hackers can steal your computer files and your identity. Governments can monitor your emails and online communications. Bullies can harass you. As more “things” get connected to the internet, they will gain access to your car and those “things” you have hooked up in your home.

So it is up to parents and educators to become aware… and teach the new generation how to be safe, secure and responsible net citizens. 

This site hopes to give you the tools (and head knowledge) to keep yourself and your family safe online.

Rick Wiley