Got that dream job? Keep your excitement clean, please.


I can imagine the sheer joy of learning that I’d be working as an Engineering Intern for NASA. Yes, NASA, the organization that put humans on the moon. Wow. What a thrill and an honor.

The absolute last thing I would do is go “ghetto” with expletives that I got the job.

I submit to you Naomi, an apparently bright and talented individual who scored a lucrative internship with NASA. This is how she chose to brag about her “score” on Twitter this week.


That’s gotta hurt.

Following her response to Homer Hickman, she was informed by NASA that the internship was no longer available.

In the aftermath, it turns out that Mr. Hickman was not personally offended by Naomi’s explicative insult, he merely tweeted a warning for her “language”. In fact, Mr. Hickman, a former NASA engineer, was in no way responsible for NASA’s decision to rescind her job offer and feels Naomi should be given a second chance.

Other twitters actually supported Naomi’s insult, claiming it’s perfectly cool to tell off “old grey men” with modern articulation.

This should be definitive proof #2,349 that posting on Twitter is the same as launching your thoughts into the universe for EVERYONE to hear.

It’s going to be a rough first day for Naomi at NASA if she does get one.

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