Juul planning “electronic restrictions” to it’s e-cigs

With 70% of the e-cig market, Juul has announced an initiative to develop a Bluetooth-connected version of their vape box. Why? This could allow schools and other areas to set up “Vape free zones” which would lock out the devices when in range. Juul also claims to be working on a technology that would deny usage to anyone “unauthorized” (read: “underage”). There’s no timeline when the units will reach the US, as the FDA needs to attach it’s red-tape first.

While it’s a wonderful step to make, I’m not really sure that it would make much of a dent in underage or location usage. Computer technology is not particularly secure by nature, and where there’s a will there will be a way to hack a JUUL in no time. They have already figured out how to “overclock” e-cigarettes to maximize vape and nicotine output, so I’d venture this initiative “hopefull”. Besides, if the area locks out a JUUL, kids can simply pull out another brand.

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Author: Rick Wiley

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