Changing Passwords often: Good or Bad?

Recently, the  United Kingdom urged us not to change our passwords too frequently.

What was that? Not too frequently? It seems common knowledge that you should change your passwords often, but it’s a very interesting theory.

As humans, we are not too good at creating passwords, or even changing them for that matter. And when we change our password, it tends to be a very small change from what we had already: say from “TimPW2003, to “TimPW2004”.

It took us “forever” to remember the long password, and we’re better are remembering a minor change instead of a complete change. But the UK study suggests that hackers will go for  a minor changes in previously discovered passwords.

We have 10 digit phone numbers because that’s about the cap of what most humans can string together. But computers are now capable of looping through a string of 16 characters in less than an hour, and that has forced security experts to suggest passwords upwards of 40 characters long.

Need help in creating a good password? Lifehacker has a great article with tips on how to increase your password protection and memory skills.

I will be talking more about passwords in another article soon. Stay tuned!

— Rick

Author: Rick Wiley

Rick is a 5x Dad, Husband, Web Developer, Net Security Nut and all around old geek.

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